May 16

The Gift of the Giving God

I have some news for you today: the first Pentecost was not the first time the Holy Spirit started working in creation for the sake of God’s mission of love and reconciliation. Pentecost is not the birthday of the Holy Spirit. No, no, no. The Spirit is eternally God, and just as God has always been at work in creation, from the very beginning, so the Spirit has always been moving, active, alive in our midst, all along. Continue reading

May 25

Easter People: The World of the Spirit

We live in a zero-sum world. If I live here, you must live somewhere else. If my team wins, your team loses. If you own something, I can’t have it, too. For every person going up the ladder of success there’s someone else who’s heading the opposite direction—or even being pulled down by those scrambling for the top. There’s only one first in line. And while a Supreme Court justice supposedly once said that your freedom to swing your arm stops where the other guy’s nose begins, the truth is almost everything we do affects those around us, making it easier or harder to do and be what they want. We can’t all be the best, all have the nicest toys, all live in the largest homes, all be the most famous. Continue reading