Dec 12

Creation Longing Together

Waiting can seem very lonely. This is especially true if you have been waiting a long time, or if you have a lot invested in whatever you’re waiting for, or if you have good reasons to be very hopeful or very concerned about what you’re waiting for. The more you wait, or the more urgent your waiting is, the more isolated you can feel from the rest of creation. You sit in the doctor’s office or the hospital lobby waiting for test results, and people just walk right by, without a clue that something dramatic, something life-changing, is about to happen to you. You circle a date on your calendar: that’s when he’s finally home! or, that’s when we close on our new house! But no one else has that date circled. You are by yourself, or in a very small group, in your waiting. You are on pins and needles, but the world shrugs its shoulders and carries on in its normal ways. Continue reading

Nov 28

Still Longing

“In the days to come…” This is how Isaiah gets the attention of his audience. A word has come to him, a word concerning Judah and Jerusalem, a word for today that looks ahead to tomorrow: “In the days to come..” Something is going to happen, something worth waiting for, something worth longing for, so look up, look ahead, and wait for the days to come. “In the days to come…” the Lord will act, decisively, so pay attention. Judgment among the nations, peoples gathered in Zion to hear the Lord’s instruction and teaching, swords beat into plowshares, spears into pruning hooks, peace that will endure: the days are coming! And in the days to come… Continue reading

Mar 31

Resurrection Garden

In the beginning, when God created the world, he set a garden in the midst of his creation. This garden was the vibrant center of the world, a place of flourishing and peace for all creatures. God set human beings in this garden to tend it, to be gardeners of the first garden of God. Human beings, from the very start, had a vocation, a calling: tend the earth, care for God’s creation, live in harmony with one another and all that God has made. Being a gardener in Eden was more than having a menial task, more than pruning and weeding and picking and mowing. Being a gardener was a royal task, a work equal to the dignity and stature of being made in the image and likeness of God. Being a gardener was to bring glory to God. Here would be creatures, bearing God’s image, doing God’s work, in the midst of God’s good creation. Continue reading

Apr 07

The Eighth Day


Rejoice, o church, and sing praises to God on high, for today is the eighth day of the week. Now, I know what some of you are thinking, and don’t worry—this sermon is not a riff on some campy Beatles love song. And I have a feeling the rest of you are about to tell your poor preacher, who must be just exhausted after such a long week, that there are only seven days in week, dear, not eight. There’s no eighth day. Ah, but there is, and today is the eighth day. Continue reading