Jul 18

The Better Part

The Bible is about God. There are a lot of things the Bible is not about, and we could spend some time discussing them and maybe even arguing about them. Last week, though, when we dedicated the new pew Bibles, I told the children that the Bible was where we, as Christians, together, turn when we want to learn how to love God and our neighbor. The Bible—and I think no one will argue with me about this—is not a dictionary of the English language, and it’s not the autobiography of Mark Twain. The Bible is about God. Continue reading

Nov 30

House of Holiness

In one of his most memorable descriptions of Methodist beliefs, John Wesley once compared Christian salvation to a house. The house itself is salvation in Jesus Christ, made possible by God’s grace and not something we can earn or work our way into. The porch, where you approach the house, is repentance. The door, where you enter the house, is faith in Jesus Christ. And the interior of the house, where you live, is sanctification—growing in holiness. The point is, you can’t claim to be saved just because you feel sorry for your sins, or just because you have faith, but no works, in Jesus. You need the whole house, the whole picture, because salvation is about more than how you feel—it’s about how you respond to God. Continue reading