Oct 31

Funeral Sermon for Joan Armstrong

One of the most beautiful gifts we receive from God is also one of the most easily overlooked gifts we receive from God. That gift, that beautiful gift, is the gift of our bodies. But we don’t often think of our bodies as gifts from God, as part of God’s grace for us, and so we tend to overlook our bodies. On the one hand, it’s nearly impossible for us to imagine life without our bodies—and that’s a good thing, actually, because in God’s plan for creation, bodies and life go together. On the other hand, many of us spend a lot of our lives thinking of our bodies more as problems to be solved or fixed or escaped than as gifts to receive. Continue reading

Apr 25

Funeral Sermon for Donald Stuart Kirk

Two disciples are walking along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They are tired. They are worn out. They are glad for each other’s company. And they are sad—not just sad, heartbroken. Jesus, their friend, has died, and Cleopas and his companion are mourning their loss. Luke tells us that the two disciples start talking about what has happened. In other words, Cleopas and his companion start doing what all of us do in the face of death: we tell stories. Continue reading