Feb 06

You Have Heard: Blessed Are Those Who Hunger…

A little over three years ago, Clemson University shocked itself and the rest of the men’s college basketball world by defeating powerhouse Duke University. It was just the third time in the last 30 games that Clemson had scored a victory against Duke, and it came just after a humiliating loss to Florida State University. After the game, K.J. McDaniels, star forward for Clemson, told a reporter, “We were just hungry… We were just hungry, honestly.” Echoing McDaniels, teammate Landry Nnoko said, “We just had to eat” (Accessed January 10, 2014; http://www.postandcourier.com/sports/we-were-just-hungry/article_974aef66-1080-5d57-9262-fafe305443bd.html). Continue reading

Aug 22

A Holy Reluctance

The word of the Lord came to Jeremiah. And Jeremiah didn’t want it. “No, no, I’m only a boy, find someone else, God. Leave me alone, please!”

The young boy Jeremiah is part of a long line of reluctant prophets. These days we tend to value enthusiasts and enthusiasm. The first person to sign up for an important job around the church, the eager person who speeds ahead full throttle, the daredevil who charges in where angels fear to tread. We hold these people up as great examples, and we speak about their faith in hushed, admiring tones. But in Scripture God doesn’t appear to have the same enthusiasm for enthusiasts that we have these days. Instead, God regularly chooses people who have no desire at all for the tasks ahead. And being chosen by God doesn’t always change the enthusiasm of those who have been chosen. There is something that God values about reluctance. In fact, if anything, there is in Scripture such thing as a holy reluctance. Continue reading