May 02

Advocate for Love

Love is the visible witness to our invisible Lord and Savior. Love is not a feeling or an emotion, although feelings and emotions can spur us to love and can help (or hurt) when we want to know who we should love. But Love is first and foremost something we do and how that we do what we do. The Glory of God is Love, “Love Divine, all loves excelling,” as we sang in our opening hymn this morning. When we love as God loves us, when, especially, we love our enemies, God is glorified by what we do, and we can claim, truthfully, that we are full of the Holy Spirit. If you want to know, am I saved?, am I following Jesus Christ?, then look to how you love, and how you want to grow in love. Continue reading

Feb 23

Unmasking Sin’s Damage

For the last few months, one of the items on the to-do list for Centre’s trustees has been the bell that sits at the top of our steeple. There are two ways to ring the bell, and, a while back, Marc Reeves disabled the way that involves the bell actually tolling, swinging back and forth, because of some concern about whether the bell was securely in its place. Now, before I go any further, let me say something very clearly: we’ve had an expert in bells examine ours recently, and while there’s plenty of work to do, Centre’s bell is perfectly safe. It’s not going anywhere. When you leave the service this morning, you can walk through the vestibule without ducking or hurrying through just in case. Continue reading