Jan 08

Baptism and the Gift of the Spirit

The glory of the Triune God is the richest, most important treasure of our Christian faith, and it is also a great mystery: something to ponder, to bask in, so that we may worship the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Spirit and in Truth. Yes, the Trinity is a deep mystery and a rich treasure—but the mystery of the Trinity is no hidden secret. The Father loves the Son by the Holy Spirit; the Son returns the Love of the Father through eternal faithfulness; and the Spirit descends and ascends, eternally uniting and flourishing the relationship of the Father and the Son. By the Spirit the Father claims Jesus Christ as his Beloved Son, for all the world to hear. And all of this is made manifest, is revealed before our sight, as the heavens are torn open and the veil between heaven and earth is pulled back. All of this is revealed at the baptism of Jesus Christ—at his baptism! Continue reading

Jan 17

Mission and Discipleship 1: The Mission of God

God is on the move. The Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is, in Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us. And that means that God is on the move. Now, sometimes people are on the move just to move. Some of us can’t stand sitting still, so we move around, we fidget, we get in our cars and drive, just to keep moving. It doesn’t matter where we’re going or why; we just want to move.

That’s not how God is on the move. God isn’t flitting around, like some out-of-control moth bouncing from one light to the next on someone’s back porch. God is on the move, with a purpose. A purpose, a reason, a goal. God has a mission. In Jesus Christ, God is on a mission. And that mission is nothing less than the redemption of the entire created order, the putting to right of everything that has gone wrong because of our sin. Continue reading